Armoured Commander

The WWII Tank Commander Roguelike

Download Current Version: 1.04

Preview of game screens
"One man's lovechild." -
"Realistic? Totally. Cruel? Decidedly." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun
"How can it be a Roguelike if Rogue didn't even have tanks?!" - Insert name here

In Armoured Commander, you are the commander of an M4 Sherman tank, and have landed in France just after the D-Day invasion. As part of either General Patton's American 4th Armoured Division, or the Canadian 4th (Armoured) Division, your orders are to lead your battlegroup through enemy-held territory, capturing territory and assaulting defending German forces. Since your tank is vastly outgunned and outnumbered, you must use the same strategies used by historical armoured commanders to survive the campaign and the war.

Along the way, your crew will gain experience and skills, and you will have the opportunity to upgrade to more heavily-armoured and -armed models of tank as they become available. You decide how to proceed, you select the orders for your crew, how to deal with enemy resistance, and how to develop your crew so that your tank can survive the campaign and emerge victorious.

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