Armoured Commander II

Animated title screen

I’m currently working on a sequel to my original game. The scale is larger, there’s more detail in the hex map, and it will cover more periods and theatres of the war.

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April Update

I don’t have a new version of ArmCom2 ready to show off, but I have been making some changes over the past few weeks. Most important of these is shifting the core gameplay from a platoon-based system back to individual tanks and squads as in the original ArmCom. This means that the player will again take control of a single tank with its crew, and will have a small number of other tanks in their squadron that will be AI-controlled but which follow the player around and serve as extra guns and extra targets. I agree that the experience of commanding a tank and its crew is the element of ArmCom that makes it special, so I’m working to recapture that experience in ArmCom2. Right now I have the basic tank functionality working, and will add in crew orders and actions next. My plan is to have the crew act intelligently to player commands, so that the player will only need to change their order if they want to do something out of the ordinary. The player will be able to move and fire with their tank and the crew will perform the tasks required of them, but if there’s a main gun malfunction then you’ll need to intervene to order a crewmember to repair it. I’m also drawing upon my experience with the first game to design a system that is more flexible: for example, crewmembers will be able to move to different positions in the tank as needed, if for example a crewmate is incapacitated.

I have a busy couple of weeks coming up, but hopefully soon after that I will have a new Proof of Concept version for players to try out.

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ArmCom2 – Second Look

I’ve uploaded a short gameplay video with me playing through a scenario in the Proof of Concept 3 version of the game.

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ArmCom2 Proof of Concept 3

I put together a new proof of concept version to go with a new gameplay video:

Download Proof of Concept 3 here

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Proof of Concept 2

I’ve done a little more work on Armoured Commander II, and have a new Proof of Concept version put together for testing. The pacing and balance are still quite rough but I think I’ve improved on the previous version of the game. One thing that needs to be changed are the game messages, but I am still working out the best way to implement them.

New version: Proof of Concept 3

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Message Console

The new animation system is working well, and everything runs smoothly except the close combat sequence which still needs a little work. I also expanded the map hex information console and turned it into a message and information console. Game messages, rather than being displayed on the map where they are difficult to follow, will always appear here, and will be saved in a message log that the player can view with the ‘m’ key. If there’s one particular unit that the message is about, it will be highlighted for the brief time that the message is being displayed. If the player misses a message, they can always check the message log.

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Rainy Battlefield

In hopes of keeping ArmCom2 mostly bug-free, I’m implementing an animation system that will handle everything from unit movement on the map to weather effects as shown here. Right now there’s a few bugs relating to the screen display, so putting everything together into a single animation handler now will help to get everything working together properly.

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Armoured Commander II: Proof of Concept

I’ve put together a py2exe-packaged version of Armoured Commander II for players to try out. It is very much a work in progress, is missing a ton of important features (one example: enemy units have no movement AI at all, but they will shoot at you as best they can) but it will give interested players an idea of where the game is going.

I know there’s a handful of bugs in the game (eg. objective hex highlights disappear during attack animations) but one can play through an entire scenario. No sounds or music yet.

New version available: see post of 25th March

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ArmCom 1.04 Hotfix

A couple of bugs have been shaken out since 1.04, so we’ve fixed them and uploaded a hot fix. Just re-download 1.04 from the downloads page and overwrite your copy of the game. Saved campaigns should have no trouble being continued in the hotfixed version.

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Armoured Commander 1.04

Version 1.04 of Armoured Commander, which brings a slew of bugfixes and interface improvements, is now available to download. Many thanks to Eric Normandeau who has worked on this update for some time. (Version 1.03 was skipped as it was an internal build and only had minor changes)

Changes in 1.04:

  • Feature: Automatically end RoF on Critical Hits
  • Feature: Infantry and MG squads easier to pin with MG fire
  • BugFix: Change ‘Armoured Carrier’ to ‘Armoured Car’
  • Feature: Add sound toggle option during play
  • Feature: Use ESC to exit tactical map unit detail screens
  • Interface: Added symbol legend to tactical map
  • Interface: Minor tweak to command highlight color
  • Interface: Made use of ENTER and SPACE more consistent
  • Feature: Add pop up “Screenshot saved as: …” for screenshots
  • Feature: Menu items (help…) are now accessible through F keys AND number keys
  • Feature: Add “On the way!” as possible gunner call upon firing
  • Feature: Add more crew talk diversity and increased odds for artillery
  • Feature: If 10 rounds cannot be added to tank, add maximum possible
  • BugFix: Also fixed a crash when trying to display a Distinguished Service Order


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ArmCom2 Alpha 1

I know I’m getting close to finishing a version when my bug list gets longer than my to-do list. There’s only a couple major things I need to finish before Alpha 1 is playable:

  • a proper spawn function for units that place them intelligently into the map
  • force selection tables for enemy units that will generate a random but reasonable opponent
  • AI movement action: selecting a good location on the map and moving toward there

Some things that are important but non-essential, such as animations for attacks and sound effects, will need to wait for a future version. I’ve learned that it’s better to put everything together and give players a chance to try it out, even if the interface and features are bare-bones.

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