Weekly Build for 4 August 2017

I’ve just uploaded this week’s Windows build to the usual download location. A list of changes follows below:

  • firepower and AP hits are now resolved at the start of a unit’s activation, giving attackers a chance to pool their attacks on targets
  • changed layout of unit info screen, including that used for player unit
  • added a basic unit info window, opened by right-clicking on a map hex in the viewport
    • if there is more than one unit in the hex, player can cycle through viewing them
  • added an additional damage roll after a penetrating hit on an armoured unit or gun;
    Minor Damage results not implemented yet
  • rolling for an additional move only grants further move actions, does not trigger an entire extra activation for the unit; missed turns continue to operate as before
  • reorganized the left display panel, giving more space to command and hex info consoles
  • disabled spawning the Polish 75mm AA gun since it has to be limited to HE rounds, and this is not yet possible in the game engine
  • immobilized result implemented: player tank and enemy vehicles can no longer move if so affected
  • changed appearance of hex highlight animation, is now tied to a particular unit in that hex
  • re-enabled scenario summary screen displayed at start of new scenario
  • units are now highlighted when resolving AP hit(s) on them
  • added modifier for gun attacks: -1 if rotated on a turntable before firing, -3 if crew had
    to pivot entire gun to fire
  • added AI step so that guns might pivot to face a target without firing, in preparation to
    possibly fire next activation
  • slight change to how dummy units are spawned, meaning they won’t be clustered together but rather spread out among different squadrons / platoons
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Preparing for Weekly Build

I’ve got this week’s build just about ready, I just need to do some more testing tomorrow before I package and upload it. I think I’ve managed to fix the most troublesome bug that saw enemy units attacking from hexes that weren’t visible to the player, and also fixed a number of other small bugs that have shaken out.

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Video playthrough of weekly build

I recorded a playthrough of this week’s build. Spoiler: it does not end well for me.

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Weekly Build for 28 July 2017

I’ve just uploaded this week’s Windows build which can be downloaded here. Changes from last week include improvements to the spotting system and enemy AI, a new system for selecting and placing enemy units on the map, and a few additional unit types on the Polish side. These include a pair of 75mm guns that will cut right through your tank’s armour, so we wary of them!

There continues to be a troublesome bug where enemy units, usually on a higher elevation, are able to see the player even though the player cannot see them. I think it has to do with how Line of Sight is calculated over different terrain heights, and it is not an intended feature of the game. My intent is that Line of Sight is always reciprocal, so that if another unit can see you, you can see them, although you might not be able to spot precisely what kind of unit it is, or whether or not it’s a ‘dummy’ unit (a false report). I’ll keep working on the LoS calculations, but for now don’t be surprised if a shot comes out of nowhere. It does seem limited to when the attacker is on a higher elevation, so perhaps stay to the hills if possible.

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Weekly Build for 21 July 2017

The weekly Windows build has been uploaded, download link is the same as last week. Players should find a number of improvements and additions from the previous version, including HE attacks, a new system for RoF attacks, new actions for main gun ammo selection, critical hits, and a new system for handling unknown enemy units.

Download Armoured Commander II Weekly Build for Windows

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Mockups for Scenario/Campaign and Battlegroup Menus

I’ve revised a couple mockups of how the future scenario/campaign and battlegroup creation menus might look. This helps me plan for coding the real menus and saves time moving elements around the screen later on.

As always I’m using the excellent REXPaint to put these together.

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Recent Work

I’ve fixed a few bugs and added a few features to the main development version of ArmCom2, the source code for which can be downloaded from GitHub or you can try out the weekly Windows build this Friday. I’ve added more actions for the main gun, improved how the crew spotting system works, and added the ability to do HE attacks against targets using the main gun.

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Weekly Build – July 14 2017

I’m going to try to upload weekly Windows builds of my work in progress so players can try them out. Bear in mind that these are not complete games, and will have bugs and unfinished features, but they will include additional features and fixes not in the previous proof of concept version.

Download weekly build for July 14 2017 here

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Armoured Commander II – Final Proof of Concept Version

I’m pleased to make available for download the final proof-of-concept version of Armoured Commander II. This means that I think the design of the core gameplay is good enough in its current incarnation to start work on a proper Alpha version. I’ve gone through quite a few re-designs and re-factors over the past year and a half, but with this system I think the game is finally starting to click.

Note that the game in its current state is incomplete and likely still buggy, and nothing works exactly the way it ought to. It will, however, give you a good sense of where the game is going and how it will continue develop in the future.

Download here – no installer is included so you may have to manually inform Windows that the programme is okay to run.

Edit: Fixed the download link!

Edit 2: A weekly build is now also available, more up-to-date than the version linked above.

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Something to Fight For

I’ve just today added objectives back in to the map, along with a display of their distance from the player, the direction toward them, and a colour signifying their status: neutral, friendly-controlled, or enemy-controlled. Objectives must now actually be held by a unit to count as captured, meaning that in the future the player will have to decide which of their friendly units they leave to defend an objective if they have to hold on to it.

You might also notice from this screenshot and the one form the previous post that the command menu looks quite different from before. I’ve returned to an earlier idea of having basically one action (or set of actions) per turn, rather than adopting the wargame-style phase progression. This brings ArmCom2 even closer to the play experience of a tradition roguelike, without, I trust, losing anything in terms of realism and fun. The way I have it set up for now is that moving ends the player’s turn, but in the future there will be a chance to get a free turn if you’re moving along a road or in open terrain, the roll for which will be influenced by the type of tank you are commanding. Difficult terrain, on the other hand, might make you skip your next turn. Firing a gun doesn’t end your turn but you are limited to firing for the rest of that turn, and most weapons can only fire once per turn unless they maintain their Rate of Fire.

These are all ways of abstractly dealing with time, turning a reality where everything is happening at once into an orderly system of discrete events, but I think it’s a system that should work well in practice. Certainly the change to an action-based rather than phase-based means that things can happen much more quickly, both when traveling overland and when fighting a battle.

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