Armoured Commander II

Armoured Commander II is a tank commander roguelike game
set in the Second World War.
Download Free Version 3.0.2 for Windows

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New Campaign Guide: Talvisota: Winter War 1939-1940

TitanB92 over on the Discord has created a new campaign guide, this time for the Finnish Winter War Campaign. Download it and the other campaign guides here!

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Update 1.2.44

Update 1.2.44 is now live on Steam!

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Update 1.2.42

Update 1.2.42 is now live on Steam, bringing a number of minor changes and improvements.

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New Campaign Guides by TitanB92

An avid player on the Discord, who created an enormous faction and unit guide that so’s large it currently cannot be exported as a PDF, has started creating guides for the various campaigns in Armoured Commander II. I’ll post these as downloadable PDFs on the following page as they are created:

Armoured Commander II Campaign Guides

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German Campaign on YouTube

Over on YouTube, Catman_Iron has been posting videos of a German grand campaign that begins with the tutorial and proceeds through Poland, France, and North Africa.

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Update 1.2.29

I’ve retreated from Twitter since it’s turned into a real mess, so I’m going to try and post updates here more often. A new version has just hit Steam, changelog appears below:

1.2.29 Changelog

ADD: Mods may now include custom region and/or nation definitions, stored in nation_defs.json and region_defs.json in the mod’s root folder
ADD: Mods may now include custom flag and/or decoration ribbon xp images as part of their custom nation definitions, these should be stored in the mod’s root folder

CNG: Region definitions now stored as JSON data in region_defs.json

FIX: Bail-out actions involving unconscious crewmen are now more clear, and won’t disrupt the action list if there are 2+ unconscious crewman in the same position as the crewman trying to act upon them
FIX: When Player Commander spent time in the Field Hospital, the days remaining for other crewmen were not being updated properly
FIX: Console background colour now properly reset when viewing campaign records
FIX: Updated Crusader I CS unit definition to match fix for Crusader I

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Armoured Commander II – 2022 Development Roadmap

It’s been some time since I wrote a post for this blog – mostly I tend to post updates on the Twitter account or directly to the game’s Discord server (link to join is in the Steam discussion board for the game) – but the end of 2021 seemed like a good opportunity for a longer post on my plans for the game in the new year.

Armoured Commander II was released on Steam out of Early Access in September of this year and since then has gotten quite a few updates. My current plan is to finish the game by the end of August 2022, although I’ll continue to provide bug fixes and general maintenance after that time. My hope is that by then I’ll be able to add everything I wanted to the game, and will have at least laid the groundwork for further additions in the form of community mods.

There are nine general areas where I will focus my development work over the next few months, presented here in no particular order:

Grid of development goals for 2022


I have at the moment a list of a few bugs that need to be addressed in the next minor update, and I expect that bugs will continue to be reported through the new year. The Discord community has been especially helpful in this, since they can report an issue quickly and I can usually address it in a hotfix in fairly short order. As new features get added, new bugs appear, so this will be an ongoing task for me throughout the new year.

Quality of Life Improvements

Again, this is an area where the Discord and Steam communities have been very helpful, since they have suggested interface and display changes that have ended up greatly improving the game. Even minor things like changing a display colour can greatly improve the overall experience of the game. This also includes minor changes to gameplay, such as a recent change where I removed Overrun as a separate command and turned it into an action under the Drive command. The player can still perform the same type of attack, but now it’s much more flexible in terms of when and how it’s used. I’ll continue to make these sorts of changes wherever possible.

New Units

There’s still a number of unit types that have been suggested on the Discord and/or have portraits ready to go but still need to be added to the game. Many of these were historically quite common, while others were very rare, but all of them have a place in this expansive game.

Gun Towing

This is a mechanic that I’ve been working on for a while – to have gun tractors spawn with gun units, and give them the ability to tow the gun around the scenario map if needed. I’ve already added some elements of this but still need to finish it off. This will bring in some interesting game choices, such as whether it’s better to target a gun tractor first and thus remove the gun’s mobility.

South Pacific

I’ve already added a new region and two new campaigns set in the South Pacific, but there’s much more to do in this area. Although tanks were not very well suited to the terrain of the Pacific islands, they still played an important role in many important battles. Already the unique features of the region and the forces involved have created a new type of game experience in the Battle of Luzon campaigns.

Late War Campaigns

There’s a few important areas of the war that are not yet represented in the game, such as late-war Italy, and the Finnish-Soviet front. I definitely want to add these before I can call the game complete.

Campaign Random Events

This is something I may or may not end up adding, but I had an idea to have a random modifier apply to some or all campaign days. For example, you might be told that today is a decisive battle, and so receive a VP bonus; or you might be offered amphetamines for your tank crew, which reduces fatigue but increases the odds of critical failures. These would add a little more variety to different campaign days, even if you’ve played the same day mission before.

Sound Effects

There’s many aspects of the game that are either missing sound effects altogether or are still using rather generic effects. I’ll continue to add these as needed, and hopefully in time the soundscape of the game will be much more mature.

Map Panel

This is a feature from the original Armoured Commander game, which is to have a visual depiction of the region and your location within it. All campaigns currently provide a geographical location for each campaign week, so adding this should just be a matter of creating the PETSCI consoles for each region, and providing the game with the appropriate geographical references.

There’s also a few other areas that I would like to work on, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to before the end of the summer. The Second Sino-Japanese War, the Spanish Civil War, and the Korean War are all settings that would fit well within the game. Some work on these has already been done on the Discord server, so perhaps the players will have already completed these before I can get to them myself.

In any case, it should be an eventful first half of 2022 as I continue to develop Armoured Commander II, and hopefully help it grow into the completed game that I had envisioned years ago.

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Armoured Commander II – One Year On

It’s been one year since I released the first stable version of Armoured Commander II on this blog, which was version 1.0.4. Today the version on Steam is 8.0.7, having gone through seven major updates and dozens of smaller ones since then. The game has been more popular than I had ever imagined possible, and I am grateful to all the brave players who took a chance on the Early Access version, and sent me suggestions for improvement, as well as bug and crash reports.

My original plan when ArmCom2 was released on Steam in May 2020 was for the full release version to be completed by summer 2021, and right now I am still on track to meet that goal. There are quite a few gameplay improvements, changes, and enhancements that I want to add before that happens, as well as a handful of key campaigns, mostly from the late-war period 1944-1945. The game has come a long way in just a year, and I’m looking forward to these final months of work to deliver a complete game.

Even after its full release, however, I plan on continuing to add to the game. Limited mod support is already in place, with full Steam Workshop support planned for the near future, and some intrepid players have already started creating their own mods. Some of these are posted on the Discord server, which can be accessed through the link on the Steam discussion boards. I also post preview images there of my work in progress.

Many players have helped out with development over the past year, but I have to thank one in particular, flori2412, who has created dozens of new units, several new campaigns, and generally provided invaluable feedback and suggestions for the game. Without him and the other enthusastic players, ArmCom2 would not be half of what it is today, so many thanks to all of them.

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Armoured Commander II – Update 7.0.0 Released

Update 7.0.0 has now gone live on Steam, bringing a significant new gameplay element in the form of Unit Support. Full changelog follows:

Changelog for 7.0.0

ADD: New Commander skill: Improved Recon, Recon reports on enemy resistance will be more accurate
ADD: LoS highlight on scenario map when AI units are attacking
ADD: Unit Support: Player can call in friendly groups of units before entering an enemy-held zone
ADD: If player is attacked in own zone, chance that some support units will be nearby and will join the battle, no support level cost
ADD: Rare ammo types: APCR, APDS, and HEAT; added to units where historically appropriate
ADD: Some unit types may have limited amounts of HE or AP depending on calendar date
ADD: Ammo Scrounger skill: Increased number of rare ammo available at start of day
ADD: Acclimatized (Desert) and Acclimatized (Nordic) skills: Reduced chance of gaining fatigue from Extreme Hot/Cold conditions
ADD: Panzer IV F1 to Barbarossa to Moscow (Germany) campaign
ADD: Panzerfaust; Germany riflemen squads in mid- and late-war will randomly be equipped with them
ADD: Demolition Charges and Molotovs; riflemen squads randomly equipped with them
ADD: Weapon stat for AA MG allowing operation when not CE (will be used for eg. AA MG on M3 Lee)
ADD: Display of air/artillery unit portrait when doing support attack
ADD: Conceal/Reveal Self movement command
ADD: Crewman fatigue now modifies weapon attacks and bog chance
ADD: Crashes now output a timestamped crashlog to the {home}/ArmCom2 directory
ADD: Player crew may be Shaken if a fellow crewman is KIA
ADD: Friendly reinforcement (either a possible player tank or a unit from unit support) random event for scenarios
ADD: Steam Acheivements for 8 of Diamonds to the Ace of Diamonds
ADD: BT-5 M34 and BT-7 M37 as player tanks to Barbarossa to Moscow (Soviet Union) Campaign and as enemy units in Germany campaign

CNG: Enemy units are now spawned into zones on the Campaign Day map, player can get a rough idea of enemy presence during recon
CNG: If player withdraws from a scenario, surviving enemy units will still be in that zone
CNG: Support levels now reduced by 5, 10, or 15 points (equal chance of each) upon a successful request
CNG: Support Weapon Teams now defined per nation and included as part of enemy spawn table
CNG: Units transported by enemy units like trucks and APCs are now defined by the campaign rather than being generic for that unit type
CNG: Enemy air and artillery support units now divided by nation
CNG: Reorganized Ammo Load menu
CNG: RoF slightly harder if no target yet acquired, slightly easier if target acquired
CNG: Reduced AP of Grenades
CNG: All AI attacks are now indicated with a pop-up message, not just those targeting the player
CNG: Unjam weapon attempt no longer automatic, crewman must be on correct command to attempt, and Mechanic and Gun Maintenance skills each give a bonus to this attempt
CNG: Scenario map hex highlight colour to yellow
CNG: Minor changes to bail-out action modifiers
CNG: Base crewman fatigue level to -2
CNG: Change to how Campaign Day map zone control is handled for campaigns set in North Africa
CNG: If player withdraws from a scenario and has to cross a river during the subsequent move on the Campaign Day map, automatically finds a crossing point
CNG: Advancing fire with no HE or with limited HE (using MGs only) is possible, but less effective
CNG: Poppy display on main menu is now generated rather than loaded from .xp file; different appearance from 1st-11th November

FIX: Player bail-out will now end if only crewmen not yet in safe location are dead
FIX: Rounding error in display of player tank VP modifier in After-Action Report
FIX: Crash when Player Commander returned to action during a refit week
FIX: Zone control being reset after moving into a new Campaign Day map area made some objectives impossible to complete
FIX: Crash when crewman’s critical injury worsens and leads to death

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Armoured Commander II – Update 6.1.0 Released

Update 6.1.0 has now gone live on Steam, bringing a ton of new content and a number of fixes to the game. Changelog follows:

Changelog for 6.1.0

ADD: Western Front Campaign – late-war German forces on the Western Front, June 1944 to March 1945 (thanks flori2412!)
ADD: Monty’s Best Campaign – late-war British forces on the Western Front, June 1944 to March 1945 (thanks flori2412!)
ADD: Churchill IV, Churchill V, Churchill VI, Churchill VII, Churchill VIII, Churchill AVRE, 3in SPM M10, Achilles
ADD: Cromwell I, Cromwell VI, Challenger, Valentine XI, AEC II, AEC III, Otter, Sexton, Staghound I
ADD: M7 and M7B1 Priest, M3 halftrack, M3A1 halftrack, Ford F15, Willys MB, M29 Weasel
ADD: OQF 6-Pounder, OQF 17-Pounder
ADD: Free French nation definition
ADD: Quick Reflexes, Lightning Reflexes crewman skills
ADD: Support for arrow key input for WASD key inputs
CNG: Additional enemy units and support for Patton’s Best and Canada’s Best campaigns (thanks flori2412!)
CNG: When enemy units attack the player’s zone, guns and armoured train cars are now much less likely to spawn in the battle that follows
CNG: Minor changes to unit spawn chances for Soviet enemy units, class spawn chances in the Barbarossa (Germany) campaign
CNG: Message in contextual console when in Command Phase and selected crewman is dead
CNG: Crew menu default activation key now E
FIX: Number of scenarios fought was not being recorded properly for Steam achievement
FIX: Concealment check now skipped at end of scenario if all enemies have been destroyed
FIX: Crash when resupply arrived and tried to take away the body of a dead crewman
FIX: Crash after end of a scenario when there is an empty position in the tank
FIX: Bug where crewmen would not recover from Shaken, Stunned, or Unconscious status after a Scenario
FIX: Bug where crewmen could close a hatch that had already been opened in the bail-out minigame

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