Armoured Commander II

Animated title screen

Armoured Commander II is an in-development tank commander roguelike game set in the Second World War. 

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Alpha 8

Alpha 8 is now available to download. I also recorded a quick play-through of one day of the Polish campaign.

Update: Packaged version has been updated to Alpha 8.1, incorporating recent fixes (thanks, Dan!). Saved games from Alpha 8.0 can still be loaded.

Changelog follows:


ADD: Game can now handle multiple combat days in a campaign
ADD: USA nation definitions
ADD: Patton’s Best campaign
ADD: M4, M4A1, M4A3, M4A3(75)W, M4A3E2(75)W “Jumbo”, M4A3E2(76)W “Jumbo”, M4A1(76)W, and M4A3(76)W “Easy Eight” Sherman unit definitions and portrait
ADD: Turret-mounted smoke mortar fired by Loader to M4A3(75)W, M4A3E2(75)W, M4A3E2(76)W
ADD: Powerful Engine stat for M4A3 Sherman, effects, display
ADD: HVSS stat handling, effects for unit types that may have it
ADD: Wet Stowage stat and effect (lower chance of burn-up)
ADD: P-47 Thunderbolt to American air support
ADD: Panzer IV H, Panzer VG ‘Panther’, STuG IIIG, Marder II, PaK 38, PaK 40, PaK 43 to AI units
ADD: Unit portrait for Panzer IV H
ADD: Turntable bonus for AT guns firing after pivoting
ADD: Sound effect for adding a skill or increasing a stat
ADD: Player tank menu discards options that are not yet available in calendar
ADD: Fast mode debug flag for quicker testing
CNG: Sound effect for loading shells
CNG: Enemy unit class spawn odds now stored in campaign object, any new data in a subsequent campaign day will update odds for that class
CNG: Removed op_value stat from units, was never used
CNG: New method for handling unit type rarity, can include different values for different date ranges
CNG: Font extended with special Polish glyphs, can now be displayed in crew names
CNG: Improved pop-up message console display
CNG: Improved appearance of environmental conditions display console
CNG: Campaign days now randomly generated, campaigns define set of parameters per week of campaign
CNG: Campaign names now displayed in standard orange colour
CNG: Unit type nicknames (eg. Firefly, Panther) now stored and displayed separately

Campaign Calendar

ADD: Display of day description
ADD: Confirmation step when requesting resupply
ADD: Debug command to proceed to next day (disabled in distribution versions)
ADD: End of day display, crew roll to recover from Light Wounds and roll for advances
ADD: Critical wounds automatically become Serious at end of day
ADD: Procedure for player to select a new tank after one is destroyed
ADD: Crewmen recover from being stunned or unconscious at end of day
ADD: If tank was destroyed during day, no longer displayed in menu
ADD: Immobilized tanks repaired for next combat day
CNG: Start of day animation now shown before entering campaign calendar interface
CNG: Player tank portrait no longer displayed in top part of screen (tank menu has been added for that)
FIX: Bug where screen would not be drawn if player saved at end of day and then continued game

Campaign Day

ADD: Map hexes on edge of map with only one dirt road link will have also have road drawn to edge of map
ADD: Display of main gun ammo levels to Supply menu tab
CNG: Calculation of travel time between zones


ADD: New procedure for requesting and delivering support attacks
ADD: Target terrain modifier to spotting checks
ADD: Message for when FP is being resolved on an unarmoured vehicle target
CNG: Targets now selected and stored separately for each weapon on player unit
CNG: Unit smoke concealment now tracked by hexside, lasts slightly longer
FIX: Crash when trying to display a Hull Down direction of 1 in the unit info console
FIX: Movement class modifiers now applied for AI units moving
FIX: AA MG not being able to fire all round
FIX: Gun hits now properly applied to unarmoured targets
FIX: Armour AP modifier calculations, better now for large armour values

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New Development Build – 21-09-19

I’ve uploaded a new development build to the usual download location. I’m working on a number of fixes and additions, but the biggest addition is a work-in-progress Pattons’ Best campaign set in 1944. Expect bugs and crashes as there’s lots still to test and add for Alpha 8.

EDIT: A few crashes fixed and more features added in the 22-09-19 version, same download link as before

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Alpha 7

Armoured Commander II Alpha 7 is now available to download. I had some trouble with the recent development builds since some required files were missing, so if you tried one and it crashed to desktop, do please give Alpha 7 a try. Changelog follows:

ArmCom2 Alpha 7 Changelog


ADD: New crewman menu, accessible from multiple layers
ADD: Crewman now start with 2 free advances if commander, 1 if in another position
ADD: Initial crew skill definitions in a JSON file
ADD: Crew advance menu: can spend advance points to increase stats or add new skills
ADD: Command to select and start a random campaign from list
ADD: Log export at end of campaign
CNG: In-game menu now simplified and reorganized for clarity
CNG: Crew stats now start at 1 and two randomly selected stats are increased to 3
CNG: Lengthened combat days for all campaigns
FIX: Bug where list of unit weapons would extend outside of limited area
FIX: Bug in Soviet campaign where support level for campaign day was not set properly

Campaign Calendar

ADD: Menu to view list of crew positions and open crewman menu for any filled position
ADD: Set nickname command in crew menu tab
ADD: Title and instructions in Command Menu
CNG: Crew menu tab display reorganized, combined with tank info
FIX: Rare bug where map generator would try to add a road link to a non-existant map hex

Campaign Day

ADD: Total number of battles during the day now recorded
ADD: Crew list in crew menu tab
ADD: Option to spend 15 minutes requesting additional air/artillery support
ADD: If player tank was immobilized during a scenario, the campaign day ends
ADD: Dead or seriously wounded crew now replaced after a scenario, even if campaign day has ended
ADD: Traveling to front lines at start of day takes a random amount of time
CNG: Resized and reorganized direction control and command display consoles
CNG: Player squad now brought back to full strength after every scenario, removed from random events
CNG: Increased base travel time to 20 minutes, 15 minutes if by dirt road
FIX: Bug where increase of support level random event would increase level beyond initial value
FIX: Campaign name not being wrapped in the campaign day summary window
FIX: Very minor bug in greeble generation, may improve performance slightly


ADD: Crew skill effects
ADD: Current target name to weapon information in contextual console
ADD: Message when firepower effects are resolved on a non-vehicle unit
ADD: Fatigue level for non-vehicle units, increases when subject to firepower and make future destruction more likely
ADD: Penetration of player tank has different possible outcomes: minor damage, tank immobilized, spalling, or destroyed
ADD: Crew can abandon tank if it is immobilized
ADD: Open crewman menu command in Command Phase
CNG: Player crew actions now reset to “spot” at start of new scenario
CNG: How weapon operation commands are assigned to crewmen
CNG: Resized unit info console
CNG: Integrated directional display into Movement tab in command console
FIX: Added additional console flushes to avoid spinning wheel of death during automatic events
FIX: Crash when trying to initiate player bail-out, also buggy display of bail out procedure

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Alpha 7 RC 1

I’ve uploaded a build of release candidate 1 for Alpha 7 to the usual location. LOTS of bugfixes in this version, including a bunch of stuff that was broken in the past few builds, now hopefully working as intended.

UPDATE: The final version of Alpha 7 (with a changelog) is now available for download

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New Development Build

I’ve uploaded a new development build, with a number of new additions, improvements, and bugfixes that are part of the work that I’ve doing for Alpha 7. Initially I had planned on finishing up a short list of features before adding multiple campaign days, but playtesting revealed a number of areas that needed to be improved first. The Soviet campaign should now be playable – I had not tested it very much and had missed a few key bugs there.

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Alpha 6

Armoured Commander II Alpha 6 is now available to download. Lots of bug fixes and improvements in this version, change log follows:

0.6.0 Changelog

ADD: Fast turret traverse, currently only Panzer III and IV: lower penalty for changing turret facing before firing
ADD: Decoration can be awarded at end of campaign based on total VP (single day for now)
CNG: Reduced volume of main theme music

Campaign Calendar Layer:
FIX: Day summary now hidden after day has ended

Campaign Day Layer:
CNG: Support requests removed, moved to Scenario layer
CNG: Road generation procedure improved, village hexes linked to main road
CNG: Slightly changed the Battle day mission set-up
CNG: Zone capture odds
CNG: In Fighting Withdrawl mission, more likely that player’s location will be attacked
ADD: Defend map zone objectives in Battle and Fighting Withdrawl day missions
ADD: Sound effects for adding/removing ammo
ADD: Confirmation step to ‘Wait’ action
FIX: Bug where player could still capture a zone if they abandoned their tank
FIX: Road movement bonus not being applied correctly

Scenario Layer:
ADD: AP bonus if rear armour facing was hit
ADD: Linked hatches on player unit are now opened/closed as a group
ADD: Support attacks now requested in scenario layer via commander
ADD: Breakdown possible for vehicles when moving or attempting HD, cancels a successful move roll
ADD: Effects of unreliable stat: breakdown more likely
ADD: Effects of gun shield on incoming fp attacks
ADD: To-hit effect of Commander directing fire, driver Knowledge bonus to movement chance
CNG: Support attacks take time to arrive, but will continue every turn until no more target units are in target hex
CNG: Support attacks only target one hex, which moves/rotates if player moves/rotates, is highlighted on GUI
CNG: Support attacks automatically end at end of attack if all targets in hex were destroyed
CNG: Acquired Targets now stored by weapon rather than by unit
CNG: If turret rotates and a weapon on the turret fires, all weapons on the turret lose any acquired target
FIX: Bug where attack animation could overlap attacking unit’s depiction
FIX: Missing definitions for Marsh terrain
FIX: Support attacks not being delayed properly
FIX: Bug where support attack target was not being displayed properly when player pivoted
FIX: Updating context console after a player RoF attack
FIX: Enemy gun units will no longer be recalled – no way for them to move at the moment

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New Development Build Available

I’ve put together a new development build of the in-progress Alpha 6. A good number of new additions and fixes are included.

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Alpha 5

Alpha 5 of Armoured Commander II is now available to download. Many small improvements and fixes in this version, including the start of the campaign calendar layer, which will eventually allow for multiple days of gameplay in a campaign. Note that I’ve only just started adding French units to the game, they are not playable yet. Changelog follows:

0.5.0 Changelog

FIX: Main menu theme now starts and stops when sounds are enabled/disabled in options menu
ADD: French nation definitions
ADD: H35 Tank to French units
ADD: Events now logged to a single game log, timestamped and organized by calendar day
ADD: Log tab to game menu
ADD: HMG Team to Polish AI units
ADD: Buessing-NAG Truck to German AI units
ADD: Armoured Train to Polish AI units
ADD: Display of injury (if any) on personnel display
CNG: Player squad no longer refilled after each scenario, instead losses are not replaced until a random event on the campaign day layer brings reinforcements
CNG: Minor visual changes to main menu
CNG: Player records (gun hits, vehicles destroyed, etc.) now stored separately for the current combat day and for the campaign as a whole

Campaign Calendar Layer:
FIX: Change in ground conditions now properly updates the weather conditions display
ADD: Layer interface, will eventually allow player to play through multiple combat days in sequence

Campaign Day Layer:
FIX: Small change to objective hex highlight display so that it doesn’t overlap line of control display
ADD: Day mission types: Advance, Battle, Fighting Withdrawl
ADD: Different map control layouts based on day mission
ADD: VP reward and message when player captures an objective hex
ADD: Animation console with rain animation effect, displays when precipitation is Rain or Heavy Rain
ADD: Additional menu tabs in command menu
ADD: Dirt roads connecting map hexes
ADD: Wait command – no move but 15 minutes pass
ADD: Player actions can trigger a zone capture check, which may result in a friendly zone being lost, or an enemy zone being taken by allied forces
CNG: Zone capture/loss check now separate from Random Events check
CNG: Increased time between weather change checks

Scenario Layer:
ADD: Random event roll after end of enemy action
ADD: Random events: sniper attack, air and artillery attack, enemy reinforcement, enemy unit recalled
ADD: Enemy reinforcement less likely to re-occur after first time in a scenario
ADD: Flag for AI units being recalled from the battle
ADD: Animation console with rain animation effect, displays when precipitation is Rain or Heavy Rain
ADD: Support attack, gun fire, explosions, and small arms attack animations implemented in new layer
ADD: Smoke levels for units: generated at spawn, changes upon move, dissipates over time; affects air attacks, spotting, to-hit attacks, and area fire
CNG: Small change to how AP hits are processed
FIX: Crew in turret now have their visible hexes rotated properly if turret is rotated
FIX: Air attack will be aborted if cloud cover is now overcast
FIX: Hull Down status in player unit info console now updated properly after player move or pivot

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Alpha 5 RC 2

I’ve put together a Windows build of Alpha 5 release candidate 2, meaning that it should be bug- and crash-free but I’m still testing out all the new and changed features. For Linux users, this is also the most current version on the master branch.

I won’t be able to fix any outstanding bugs or crashes until the week of 29th July, but it seems to be stable enough for the moment to try out.

EDIT: The Polish campaign was broken (no friendly zones would ever be taken) so I’ve fixed that now in RC 2, same download link.

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New Development Build

I just uploaded a new development build to the usual location. Includes fixes and additions from the previous build, including unit-level smoke, new day missions, and a new system for zone loss/gain on the Campaign Day map.

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