Marshy Terrain

Added a new terrain type: Marshland. Only has a 2.7% chance of appearing in any given map area, but it’s completely impassible to you as well as enemy forces, so any path you choose must go around it. Roads are also generated to go around them.


Also completed my planned changes to the campaign day map generation. The map generator includes a loop, so that if it generates an unusable map (no possible path from start to exit areas) it can start again fairly early in the process, before it goes through the trouble of generating the character map. This is more planning ahead for when other features like seaside and rivers are added rather than for now: the chances of an unbroken band of marshes appearing across the map are exceedingly low.

Next up is removal of the campaign message window, since any important new information is recorded on the map anyways, and turning the space into an info display console for the map area currently under the mouse cursor.

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