Alpha 7.2

Just uploaded Alpha 7.2, changelog follows:

– Increased the height of campaign day map slightly
– Added rifle fire sound effect for enemy LW attacks
– Added campaign area info console, with basic information about the map area on mouseover
– Changed how campaign day map actions are stored, now adjusts for effects of weather on time needed to move into an adjacent area
– Air strikes added, more effective than arty against vehicles but does not place smoke; will pin infantry units instead
– Artillery and Air strikes now part of same action, can be called on any adjacent area, but does not trigger until your forces move into the area and a battle is triggered
– Map areas can have an arty or air strike called on them, but only one
– To call in artillery or an air atrike the game rolls 2D6, score must be equal to or under your current chance rating; each successful strike reduces the rating by 1, to a minimum of 2
– Fixed a bug relating to display of enemy locations on the encounter map info console
– Added a short instruction line to mouseover units on encounter map

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