Alpha 7.3

Knocked off a lot of items on my to-do list today, compiled everything into Alpha 7.3, now available for download. I’ve added a full-screen mode; at present it has to be enabled every time you load a saved game, but in the future if you switch your game to full-screen, save and reload, it will automatically switch to full-screen mode for you.

Full changelog follows:

– Changed the way in which enemy spawn sectors are calculated: now they have an equal chance of appearing in any enemy-controlled sector
– Changed the way that tank pivoting works: now you select your new facing rather than rotating the entire map as you pivot. Should still be easy to see where enemy units will end up after you pivot.
– When pivoting your tank, there is a small chance of throwing a track: natural 12 on a 2D6, followed by a 5+ (so, less than 1%)
– If you are Hull Down and pivot your tank, there is a 41.66% chance of maintaining Hull Down after the pivot (<=6 on 2D6, no modifiers)
– MG attacks on infantry units will Pin them automatically if the modified roll is equal to the required roll to destroy
– Now possible to carry up to 30 extra main gun rounds, but the more extra rounds you carry will increase the chance that your tank explodes if it is knocked out!
– Added option to add 10 shells at once when loading main gun ammo into your tank
– Enemy AT guns can now rotate in place to face you and friendly forces before attacking, but will suffer a to-hit penalty for doing so.
– On-map labels will now be displayed so that they don’t fall outside the map area; labels were overlapping the tank console and were difficult to read
– If no enemy units can be spotted and/or identifed, the Set Spot Sector phase for crew who can only spot in one sector is now skipped
– Enemy-controlled sectors now explicity marked with a GER, also fixed the location of sector control display slightly
– If a hit on the player tank has no chance to knock it out, the to-kill roll is skipped and a label to this effect is displayed instead
– Changed the way that the list of possible targets is compiled, should not have any noticeable effect on gameplay but makes it easier to add the AA MG attack
– Added Fire AA MG order for Commander, and if the loader has a split hatch, for Loader as well. Same range as the Bow MG but same Firepower as the Co-ax, it can be fired in any direction. If a Crewman on this order takes a wound, however, collateral damage is much more severe since they must stand outside the turret, while a normal knock-out hit is less severe as they are not subject to spalling or other internal dangers. Finally, crew on Fire AA MG orders bails out automatically, since they are already  outside the tank!
– Enemy tanks and SPGs are now less likely to move in mud or deep snow ground conditions; if a move action is rolled, it’s re-rolled and the new result is applied
– Now possible to cycle through list of possible crew orders for selected crew during the orders phase simply using A/D or Left/Right arrow
– Changed the way that sectors are selected for crew who can only spot in one sector
– Improved the appearance of the selection dialogue used in fire MGs, changing the gun load, etc.

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