Alpha 8

Just uploaded Alpha 8. Biggest changes are a new system for firing MGs, and different colour schemes for the campaign day map based on season and ground cover. I’m going to tweak these colours a little more in the future, since the maps can appear quite muddled depending on the season. Full changelog follows:

– Fixed a minor rendering error in the animated main menu image
– Fixed text input console display so that entering a new nickname for a crew member  does not further darken the screen background
– Changed the procedure for firing MGs: now you select one MG from a list of possible  ones to fire, and target selection will proceed according to that MG’s restrictions (eg. co-ax can only fire in front of turret, etc.)
– Added abandon tank order, only activated if one or more crewmen are incapacitated or  worse, or if tank is immobilized
– Added different colour schemes for the campaign map based on season and ground cover
– Added a message if no shells remaining and can’t change gun load
– Added vehicle notes on remaining Sherman types
– Campaign day map view now begins with player node in view
– Added sound effect for when player tank or enemy armoured vehicle knocked out

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