Alpha 8.1

Just uploaded Alpha 8.1. Might be a few more bugs in this version since I changed the way that the campaign calendar works, but I managed to fix a number of them in playtesting. Full changelog follows:

New Campaign Calendar System
– Player must now manually advance through each day in the campaign calendar
– Added an animated display for advancing to next day
– Each day has an action rating, if 2D6 roll is equal to or under rating, tank sees action
– Action chance modifier begins at 0, set at +2 after you see action, reduced by one for each day you don’t see action to a minimum of 0
– If no action, day proceeds without anything dramatic happening
– Changed action chances for each day to match new 2D6 system
– Added sound effects:
– Successful armour save by vehicle hit by AP or by player tank
– Player tank movement, both on the campaign day map and on the encounter map
– Co-ax and AA MG on player tank firing
– Changed the timing of the sound effect for a smoke hit
– Changed screenshot function to use bmp; png colours didn’t look right

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