Small but Significant Change in Loader Orders

I’ve made a small change to how the “Change Gun Load” action works for the Loader. In the past, if you had your Loader change the main gun load (for example, from HE to WP) you could not fire the main gun in the same turn. This was a bit restrictive, especially with smoke rounds, because I found that I did not want to waste a turn loading a smoke round to fire it off, especially since I would probably have to switch back later.

Now, if your Loader is on “Change Gun Load” you can still fire the main gun in the same turn using whatever ammo type you chose, and the main gun will also be reloaded after you fire, but you cannot maintain Rate of Fire that turn. This is to represent the time it takes for the loader to clear the old shell and load a new one.

The difference is that you can now fire a single smoke shell right away, and reload with an AP or HE for the next turn, only sacrificing the ability to keep Rate of Fire, which for smoke rounds is not as important. I’m hoping that this maintains a level of realism, keeping limits on the number of actions your crew can realistically perform in a single combat turn, but also opens up new strategic choices for the player.

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