Development Schedule

I’ll just add a quick note here to say that I’ll only be able to do minor bugfixes for the next few weeks, since I’m on a research trip at the moment. The next big step, however, is to open up the campaign variables to make it possible for anyone to write their own ArmCom campaign. I’ll be making the current campaign into the default selection, entitled “Patton’s Best”, and adding a new campaign based on the Canadian 4th Armoured Division as an example of how an alternate campaign might function. Once that’s in place then I can start to add in new options for campaign makers, such as new terrain types, handling significantly different tank crew layouts (losing an assisstant driver is not too hard to code, for example, but having a commader/gunner is a little more tricky), and so on.

Any new tank or vehicle types will have to be hard-coded into the program, but once they are added then any campaign will be able to make use of them.

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