Building the Canada’s Best Campaign


Vehicles of the Canadian 4th Armoured in France, 1944

Canada’s Best was originally published as an alternate combat calendar and set of player tanks for Patton’s Best in The Canadian Wargamers Journal in 1988, and was later edited and republished in The General magazine. It provides a framework for a campaign based around the Canadian 4th Armoured Division, which began arriving in France on 24 July, 1944, and which fought through Belgium and the Netherlands before entering Germany, having just taken Oldenburg when the war ended in May, 1945. Since the C4th was equipped with Shermans, it’s a good choice for the first alternate campaign for Armoured Commander, as only a few of the core game mechanics would need to be altered.

The C4th was equipped with Sherman II (M4A1) and Sherman V (M4A4) tanks, as well as Firefly VC tanks, which increased in number as the campaign progressed. Although the original Patton’s Best technically has 17 variants of tank, there are only three hulls and two types of gun available; the rest represents different sets of equipment (eg. smoke mortar, etc.) So only having three types of Sherman tank for the C4th campaign is not too much of a restriction.

There are a handful of differences with the Canadian Shermans as opposed to the American ones. Canadian tanks usually did not have the AA machine gun on the top of the turret; commanders reportedly found that it got caught on terrain and was not needed for anti-aircraft anyway. There were also no stabilizers fitted to Commonwealth Shermans, nor did the Sherman IIs and Vs have loader hatches, although the Firefly did.

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