Alpha 8.32 Released

Alpha 8.32 is now available for download. Saved games from Alpha 8.3 and 8.31 are compatible and can be continued with this version.

Edit: There’s a small typo in the description for August 4th, 1944, will be fixed in Alpha 8.33

Changelog follows:

– New standard for in-game unit portraits
– Still lots of units missing portraits but they will be added in the future
– Unit portraits displayed full-scale in tank info screen
– Unit portraits displayed 1/2 scale in roll results screen
– If attacker or target is unknown or needs to be identified, a question mark portrait image is displayed instead
– New animation for MG attacks, used for player MG attacks on enemy units, enemy MG attacks on friendly infantry, and MG attacks on player tank
– Added new sound effects: screenshot; radio report of enemy unit spawn
– Advancing fire now only possible when tank has 6 or more HE shells; prompt will tell player how many HE shells they have when asking whether to use advancing fire
– Fixed incorrect plural when player used 1 shell for advancing fire
– Fixed a bug where the correct description wasn’t being used for a unit that was hidden
– Fixed a typo in the description for the Firefly
– Fixed a bug where crew orders would reset to default after reloading into an encounter in progress

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