Alpha 9.0 Released

Alpha 9.0 changes a fair bit in terms of how highscore information is stored and a few other object variables, so it won’t be compatible with older saved games or highscore files. As always, if you find any bugs either leave a comment here or email me at the address on the main page.

Changelog follows:
– New format for the highscores file: NOTE if you had an older highscores file that you  continued to use with this version, it is incompatible and must be replaced
– Program will now check with the webserver to see if a newer version of the game is available, and display a notice on the main menu if so. This check will only occur if the previous check has never occurred or it was five or more days ago.
– Added a mission briefing for each of Advance, Battle, and Counterattack missions. These are displayed before heading to the day’s start area, and each one is only displayed once per campaign, the first time that the mission type occurs. I’ve also added the text of the briefing to the Help dictionary.
– Added sound effect for enemy vehicle movement
– Added new skills:
Pocket Bible: Gives a chance to ignore a Dead result when a crewman is wounded
Gymnast: Gives a bonus to bail out if activated
Lightning Reflexes: Gives a chance to avoid a wound from collateral damage when crewman is exposed (hatch open)
– Availability of ADPS ammunition increases at start of 1945, from 1-3 to 2-5 per day
– Added animation for successful air or artillery strike on the campaign day map, also  used when enemy artillery attacks player during Random Event phase of encounters
– Enemy units that are forced off the encounter map as a result of player movement now apply a penalty of 1/2 their VP value to the encounter.

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