Alpha 9.15

This version features a number of big fixes and improvements. Full changelog follows:

– Friendly Action system now a 2D6 rather than a D100 system.
– Fixed a bug where the Loader would be reset to Reload orders if main gun malfunctioned, resulting in a crash to desktop if the left/right arrows were used in a later orders phase
– Fixed a bug where the campaign day map would shift momentarily when calling in an air strike, since the ‘S’ command is also used to scroll the map display. The command to attempt an air strike has been changed to ‘R’.
– If the to-kill roll for a hit that penetrates the player tank’s armour was an original 2, or the roll was less than half of the score required, two rolls are made to determine the result of the penetration and the worse of the two is applied.
– Panzerfaust attacks now do a to-kill roll, although the base score required is 31!
– Fixed a potential crash when replacing crewmen
– Dead, stunned, or unconscious crewmen can no longer add or upgrade skills until such time as they recover

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