Alpha 9.16

More minor fixes and improvements in this version. Trying to take care of the minor stuff before I make a new version with bigger changes that breaks compatibility with previously saved campaigns. Current plan is to have an Alpha 9.2 and its subversions, then start working on a series of Beta 1 release candidates. I’ll also need to finally finish the online manual and well as the in-game dictionary of help topics.

Changelog follows:

##### Alpha 9.16 Changelog #####
– Dead crewmen no longer have the possibility of suffering an initial wound when player tank knocked out
– Confirmation from player now required before crewmen will carry out an abandon tank order
– Removed the action day roll modifier
– A WP hit on an infantry unit will, in addition to creating smoke, force it to pass a pin test or else be pinned. HCBI has no such effect.
– Clearer display of crew wounds and status in the tank console
– Fixed some display and layout bugs on refit days, added a message to let the player know when a refit period is beginning.
– Improved the display of calendar day advancement
– Changed experience points thresholds for gaining levels slightly

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