Unofficial Release of Alpha 9.2

(Copied from Temple of the Roguelike forum)

I’ve uploaded Alpha 9.2 but am not making it the default download yet, since I suspect there might be some bugs related to the new minor damage modeling system. Intrepid tank commanders are free to download it from the following direct link:

but I won’t be able to make any updates to it from Thursday for about 10 days due to travel. Please do report any and all bugs, either to or to this thread, and I’ll get to work on them when I return.

Note that the main screen will tell you to update to Alpha 9.17 although you know that’s not the case.

Full changelog follows:

– The game now keeps track of how many enemy reinforcement units have arrived into a battle encounter. If there have already been one or more reinforcements, the game rolls a D6. On a 1 the unit arrives, otherwise if the total of the roll plus the number of reinforcements is equal to or greater than 7, no random event occurs this round. So if one enemy reinforcement has already arrived and the random event generated is another one, it will arrive on a roll of 1-5. If two, 1-4, etc. to a minimum of 1.
– The number of rounds in battle encounters is now recorded and displayed at the top of the encounter map console.
– Fixed a bug where the “very serious” wound level was not actually being used at all
– Tank console is now updated after every crew wound
– Added a simple display of enemy unit terrain to their depiction on the encounter map
– Reorganized the tank console display slightly to make room for a damage report
– Changed the effect of the Fire penetration result: one minor damage result, one possible collateral damage wound for one randomly chosen crewman
– Added minor damage: can result from light weapons attacks or a penetrating hit that does not knock out the player tank. Crew can attempt to repair most types of damage, but some is permanent and will only be repaired after an encounter ends or at the end of the combat day
– An original roll of 12 on an MG to-kill roll does no damage to target and causes a malfunction in the fired MG
– New Skill: Mechanic. If activated, adds a bonus to repair attempt roll. Most useful for the Loader but all crew positions can take this skill.
– Added some checks to make sure HVAP is treated as an AP round (eg. no damage to infantry units)

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