Unofficial Release of Beta 1.0

Download Beta 1.0 Here

As with Alpha 9.2, I’m releasing Beta 1.0 here unofficially before making it the default version served up on the download page. Calling this ‘Beta’ means that it includes all the features that I had originally intended for the game, whether or not they actually work as intended. I still want to add new features and expand existing aspects of the game, but to have a stable core game will indeed be a reassuring step that the game is finally maturing.

As always, please report any and all bugs you come across. Changelog follows:

– If advancing fire, artillery, and/or air strike attacks manage to destroy all enemiesĀ  initially spawned on the encounter map, the ambush and spotting phases are skipped and play proceeds directly to the orders phase
– Reduced maximum crew name length from 20 to 19 characters, full length would bump up against the position column in the tank console
– New main gun ammunition menu, used for resupplying and for restocking the ready rack. This separate menu should make ammunition management much clearer, especially for new players.
– Removed update check; was not really that useful, especially with the slower pace of updates.
– Commander Awards: at end of every calendar month, program will check for medal awards for the commander, based on highest one-day VP score that month. Possible awards are: Bronze Star, Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross, Congressional Medal of Honor
– Commander rank promotions: at end of every day, program will check to see if commander has earned enough VP over the campaign so far to earn a promotion. Commanders start at the rank of Sergeant, can be promoted to Staff Sergeant, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, and finally Captain
– When starting a new day, the tank console view automatically opens the main gun ammo menu to start so that player can load ammo
– By default, on-screen labels will require player to press Enter to clear them. This setting can be changed in the settings menu to pausing before automatically clearing.
– Slightly decreased the effectiveness of artillery, air strikes, and advancing fire
– Fixed a bug where Stunned crew could be issued orders

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