Beta 1.4

More improvements, including a new ability for Armoured Cars!

Beta 1.4 Changelog
– Added brief outline of ammo types to the main gun ammo menu
– Broken periscopes now replaced after combat encounter
– Added option to return to HQ, ending the campaign day, if your tank has one or more of the following damage: Gun Sight Broken, Main Gun Broken, Turret Traverse Broken
– Greatly expanded pool of first and last names for crewmen
– Tiger I now armed with correct 88L gun rather than 88LL
– Crew that are killed will no longer have any wounds listed
– Armoured Cars:
– Now spawned in battle and counterattack missions
– Have their own set of AI actions (used to be similar to Trucks)
– May spot the player tank and relay its position to other enemy units, giving them one point of acquired target if they attack the player
– Adjusted score requirements for rank promotions and medals
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