Beta 1.5

Lots of minor fixes and improvements in this version, will not break compatibility with any savegame created since Beta 1.0 however.

Many thanks to Zomb Lee for his Let’s Play videos, which have helped identify areas for improvement.

Full changelog follows:

# – If on-screen labels are set to pause and wait for enter before clearing, this message
#   won’t be included when the label text is recorded in the message console
#   i.e. ” [Enter to Continue]” doesn’t appear in the message console any more
# – Crew can now have their names set and reset freely
# – Fixed a bug with the to-kill roll not being displayed properly sometimes
# – More messages reporting no results from arty attacks, etc., appear as pop-ups rather
#   than as just messages
# – VP bonus for capturing exit area now does not stack with bonus for advance mission
# – Nickname added to decoration award screen
# – Fixed display of dates: 3rd, 23rd
# – Added sound for opening / closing crew hatch
# – Fixed crew order not being set to None when Stunned

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