Beta 2.0

I’ve added Beta 2.0 as the default version for general download. The previous stable version, Beta 1.6, can still be downloaded from the Downloads page. Note that saved games cannot be transferred from 1.6 to 2.0, so you will have to start a new campaign to play the latest version. If you started a campaign in the Beta 2.0 preview, you can continue to play it in the official release version.

Note that I haven’t updated the online manual or the in-game help, so some of their descriptions will be out of date. Will update these soon.

Edit: Online manual has been updated!

Changelog follows, and it’s so long I had to divide it into sections!

##### Campaign Calendar #####
– Calendar now made up of a fixed number of action days, no more roll to see if player sees action.
– The animation for advancing to a new campaign calendar day has been simplified
– Information that used to be displayed in a ‘morning briefing’ is now displayed in the campaign calendar screen

###### Campaign Day Map: Random Events #####
– Random chance of events occurring in the campaign day map:
– Exit Area Changed
– Reconnaissance Report: Reveals expected resistance level in an adjacent area
– Enemy Reinforcements: Previously known resistance level is increased
– Enemy Advance: Previously captured area is lost
– Friendly Advance: Nearby enemy-held area is captured
– Also a small chance of new orders (quests) coming in via radio message. These are optional but include an extra VP bonus if completed:
– RECON: check an enemy-held area for resistance level
– CAPTURE: enter an enemy-held area, automatically triggers a battle encounter
– DEFEND: enter a friendly-held area, wait for attack
– RESCUE: like CAPTURE but with a time limit
– Note that these events are not triggered during Counterattack missions, since these missions have their own procedure for enemy advance

##### Counterattack Missions #####
– Player now begins at top of map, with all map nodes initially under friendly control
– At the start of the day, and after every battle, the enemy map advance and capture friendly-controlled zones
– Any map area on the top edge of the map, or adjacent to a zone that is already under enemy control, may be captured. Higher resistance levels adjacent to the zone will increase the chances that the area is captured.
– at start of day or after a battle, player has option to move into any adjacent friendly area that is also adjacent to an enemy-held area or the top map edge but an encounter will be triggered in the new area afterwards
– Battle encounter resistance level is based on random choice from adjacent enemy-held areas; if none, then based on day resistance level
– Resupplying in a Counterattack mission day now takes 15 mins, is still always successful, and always triggers a battle encounter afterwards
– Random Events are not triggered during a Counterattack campaign day

##### General #####
– Changed the procedure for spawning new crewmen, giving the player a chance to add/upgrade skills right away
– All consoles in main menu screen are now internally generated rather than loaded from external image files
– Added a display of current campaign calendar day vs. total days in campaign stats menu
– If no shell loaded in main gun at start of orders phase, Reload order for Loader is now disabled
– If tank is immobilized during ambush attack, driver’s movement orders will now be disabled
– If driver is Stunned, tank will now stop in movement phase
– Hull Down status is now highlighted in the tank console to make it more prominent
– Added animation for player tank movement on the campaign day map
– If a to-kill roll is not possible (roll required is < 2) then armour save sound will be played after hit resolution
– Scrounger skill now has a different effect and activation levels: if activated, number of shells of rare ammo types (HCBI, HVAP, ADPS) available for the day is increased
– Toggling a crewman’s hatch should no longer reset his current order
– Each crewman is awarded 1 exp per enemy-held area captured, even if there is no encounter triggered
– Final campaign stats are now written to the campaign journal as well as displayed on the screen at the end of a campaign
– Capturing the exit area not gives a 20 VP bonus, rather than multiplying the capture bonus based on the area terrain type
– Destroying a vehicle will now play the correct sound effect
– VP thresholds for promotions and decorations have been changed slightly

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