Beta 2.03

Beta 2.03 includes a number of changes, most important of which is a fix for a serious bug where a battle encounter would be triggered after every resupply on the campaign day map! This was supposed to only happen during Counterattack missions, but it was being triggered in Advance and Battle missions too.

I’ve also added the ability to view the campaign journal to date from within the campaign stats menu. This is the full record of your campaign that is saved to a text file after your campaign is finished, but you can view it from within the game now. This interface will also be used in the future for viewing older in-game messages from the message console.

Full changelog follows:

– Fixed a bug in the way that new skills / skill increases were recorded to the Campaign Journal; some small additions and fixes to events that are recorded in the journal
– Added an option to view the current campaign journal from the Campaign Stats menu
– Adjusted exp thresholds for levels slightly
– Fixed a bug where resupplying would always trigger a counterattack encounter

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