Beta 2.04

Beta 2.04 is now available for download. This version brings a number of bugfixes and minor changes to the game system. One of the big changes is that campaign day maps are now only about 2/3 the height that they were previously, and the minimum distance between map node centres has been decreased. This means that the map areas on the campaign day map will be smaller on average, and that there won’t be as much distance to cover to reach the top of the map and the exit area. The time required to move between map areas has, however, been increased. My aim is to have fewer battles per day, but make those battles more significant.

NOTE: If you update your version of ArmCom and continue a saved game that has a campaign day already in progress, you’ll likely run into crashes or weird behaviour since the map size has changed. Best to update after an action day has finished, before starting a new day.

Full changelog for this version follows:

– Height of campaign day map decreased, minimum distance between map nodes also decreased, so nodes will be smaller on average
– Time required to travel between map areas has been increased
– More in-game events are now recorded to the Campaign Journal
– all enemy units destroyed by player tank should now be recorded properly
– VP now awarded for defending map areas in Counterattack missions
– Increased minimum time elapsed until battle begins when awaiting an enemy counterattack
– Volume of some sound effects has been normalized
– “Eagle Eyed” skill no longer allowed for Gunner; could not make use of it anyway
– Can no longer spend skill points on dead crewmen
– Campaign action console now updated after resupply; time of day was not being re-drawn
– Replacement crewmen are now generated at any level between 1 and the highest experience level of existing crewmen.
– Firing at a new target now correctly clears any acquired target levels on any other enemy units
– Random campaign events will no longer trigger after sunset
– Notification of MG malfunction will now only appear after the roll result is displayed

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