Beta 2.06

This version fixes a few bugs that helpful players have reported in, including an entire tank model that was coded but never implemented! Meet the M4A1(76)W, now available from the start of the campaign.

yeIS3DBChangelog follows:

– Actual time cost of movement on the campaign map now properly reflects new values
– All vehicles now apply effects of being Stunned properly. If an armoured car is spotting the player tank and is Stunned, they stop spotting
– Added an in-game error message if a hidden unit manages to somehow attack the player. I’ve had one report of this happening but can’t figure out how given the action selection process in DoAction()
– Added new tank names to pool for random selection, thanks to N. Pratchett
– Added the M4A1(76)W Turret G tank model to the default campaign; should have been there from the start but I forgot to add it to the list!

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