Beta 2.1 Progress Report

I haven’t had much time recently to work on Beta 2.1, but I have started to add a couple features and make some fixes:

  • Now possible to start campaign at any point during the campaign calendar
  • Key commands now accepted in lower case or upper case format; eg. having caps lock engaged will no longer cause key commands to stop working
  • New Terrain type: Bocage
  • Fixed a bug where a successful Pocket Bible skill check would still result in crewman’s death
  • Enemy units moving on the encounter map are no longer drawn with their terrain moving along with them
  • Commonwealth (Canada only for now, but UK and others in future) get a bonus to allĀ  artillery attacks

This last change is to help compensate for the limited M4 model selection for Commonwealth forces, as well as the lack of Stabilizers.

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