Beta 3.02

Small update, fixes the bug where the ‘abandon tank’ order would not appear when it should have.

Edit 1: Also added a hotfix that prevents the ‘Canada’s Best’ campaign from crashing the game on certain calendar days.

Edit 2: Added another hotfix, some debug commands had been left in the distribution version by mistake. If enemy units and friendly forces aren’t doing anything in your game, re-download!

Edit 3: Hot-fixed another bug in the Canada’s Best campaign XML file. The entry for the Opel Truck was incorrect and was causing crashes when a truck was spawned in-game.

Edit 4: If running armcom.exe produced a “Side-by-side configuration is incorrect” error, re-download the game from the download link. At some point the manifest for the game exe got corrupted somehow, but seems to be fixed now.

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