Beta 3.07

A couple small changes and bug fixes in this version. I played through a (short) campaign today and uploaded a video of it here. Changelog follows:

########## Beta 3.07 Changelog ##########
– Removed a previous check to make sure that campaign map node centres can be connected by a straight line without passing through another node. Turned out to be too restrictive
– Fixed a bug where if an enemy attack caused a penetrating hit, it could immediately do another action
– Fixed a bug with the spacing in day descriptions of the PB campaign
– Fixed bug where Rescue mission time limit would expire even if completed exactly on the time deadline
– Changed text description for enemy units moving closer to the player
– Improved appearance of bocage map nodes
– If the player captures the exit area and moves to a new map, the view of the new map will be shifted to the bottom of the map, with the player’s location visible
– Impassible nodes no longer marked as under friendly control on campaign day map
– Counterattack Mission:
– Enemy forces will no longer advance into impassible map nodes
– Fixed a bug where the display of tank movement and hull down status would not be updated soon enough to be displayed during starting steps of a new encounter

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