Beta 3.08

Final content update! Changelog as follows:

General Game Stuff
– Lowered the volume of bow MG sound effect by 10 db
– Added animated credits menu
– LW and MG enemy units now less likely to be hit with smoke from friendly action
– Changed the lowest rank for British & Commonwealth tank crews to Trooper (Tpr.)
– Campaign day map events (quests, etc.) no longer trigger right at the start of the day
– Added a confirmation prompt when trying to resupply in the campaign day map

– Completed day descriptions and map locations for Patton’s Best campaign
– Created a new map image for the Patton’s Best campaign when I realized that the final few locations would not fit on the existing map!
– Completed day descriptions and map locations for Canada’s Best campaign
– Fixed a crash in the Canada’s Best campaign when the calendar reached 8/31

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