Spotting and Concealment

armcom2_spottingThe basic system for spotting concealed enemies is working. Concealed enemy units in the open will automatically be revealed if a friendly unit that is able to spot is within a certain maximum distance. Otherwise each friendly unit able to spot will attempt to spot the closest concealed enemy unless ordered otherwise.

Line of Sight obstruction uses a hybrid system where a single obstructing tile (eg. woods) will add a to-hit or to-spot modifier, but additional tiles along the line of sight won’t increase that modifier until 3 additional tiles have been passed. This means that every four tiles will apply their modifier to a line of sight, but if multiple different types of tiles are present along the LoS, then the modifier will increase quite quickly. This is partly to account for the fact that the tiles only represent 10x10m, whereas in most tabletop games of this scale, a hex is about 40m wide. So there’s a flexible ‘map grid’ of 4×4 tiles factored into the game. In addition, seeing through complex and varied terrain (buildings, walls, trees) is much harder than just seeing into 40m of woods, which is a nice simulation of reality.

Next up, fire attacks! MGs and main guns.

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