Target Interface

armcom2_target_previewAdded the beginnings of a targeting interface that will be used for firing weapons on the player tank. The Line of Sight is highlighted in green, while the area of effect (HE is assumed for now) is shown in red. The background colour of ASCII characters on the map will only be used for highlighting information, so it should be immediately clear what is an actual map feature and what is part of the GUI display.

You can also see the Action Menu in the middle of the left column. This is where all currently available game actions will be listed, with the command keys highlighted in light blue. The content changes depending on the current input mode and turn phase, and actions that are currently not allowed (eg. firing a weapon when it’s been broken) will be disabled but still displayed in grey.

Next up is adding an animation layer to show the projectile and explosion. This layer will also be used in the future for other animated features, such as flames, weather effects, and so on.

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