Map Info Displays

map_infoAdded two panels in the corners of the map viewport, displaying hex terrain and unit info for the hex and/or unit that is currently under the mouse cursor.

Also refactored the map system so that multiple units on the same side can occupy the same hex. Up to 5 PSGs can be in the same hex, although there will be a total stacking limit enforced for the number of steps in these units. This does allow for ‘stacks of death’, but future area effect attacks will of course effect all units within a given hex, so there is a real danger to doing this. It also makes moving units around the map much more flexible, since you and the AI don’t have to worry about avoiding hexes occupied by allied units any more.

I implemented a random enemy spawn system whereby each new hex that comes within range of the player has a small chance of spawning an enemy. This means that most of the scenario map is empty until the player actually comes near. While this system is great for tabletop games, spreading out the work of rolling up enemy units over time, a computer game is much better at handling repetitive tasks and keeping track of data. So I’m going to move toward a system whereby all initial enemy units are spawned onto the map at the start of the scenario, but most of them will not be activated until certain conditions are met. This could be spotting player units, or they could be contacted via radio by allied units that have already been activated, and then move toward the player. This rewards stealthy play (staying out of sight, only attacking when you have a good chance of quick success) and also avoids greatly unfair masses of tough enemies (the initial set of enemies on the map can be normalized.)

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