Armoured Commander 1.04

Version 1.04 of Armoured Commander, which brings a slew of bugfixes and interface improvements, is now available to download. Many thanks to Eric Normandeau who has worked on this update for some time. (Version 1.03 was skipped as it was an internal build and only had minor changes)

Changes in 1.04:

  • Feature: Automatically end RoF on Critical Hits
  • Feature: Infantry and MG squads easier to pin with MG fire
  • BugFix: Change ‘Armoured Carrier’ to ‘Armoured Car’
  • Feature: Add sound toggle option during play
  • Feature: Use ESC to exit tactical map unit detail screens
  • Interface: Added symbol legend to tactical map
  • Interface: Minor tweak to command highlight color
  • Interface: Made use of ENTER and SPACE more consistent
  • Feature: Add pop up “Screenshot saved as: …” for screenshots
  • Feature: Menu items (help…) are now accessible through F keys AND number keys
  • Feature: Add “On the way!” as possible gunner call upon firing
  • Feature: Add more crew talk diversity and increased odds for artillery
  • Feature: If 10 rounds cannot be added to tank, add maximum possible
  • BugFix: Also fixed a crash when trying to display a Distinguished Service Order


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