Armoured Commander II – Final Proof of Concept Version

I’m pleased to make available for download the final proof-of-concept version of Armoured Commander II. This means that I think the design of the core gameplay is good enough in its current incarnation to start work on a proper Alpha version. I’ve gone through quite a few re-designs and re-factors over the past year and a half, but with this system I think the game is finally starting to click.

Note that the game in its current state is incomplete and likely still buggy, and nothing works exactly the way it ought to. It will, however, give you a good sense of where the game is going and how it will continue develop in the future.

Download here – no installer is included so you may have to manually inform Windows that the programme is okay to run.

Edit: Fixed the download link!

Edit 2: A weekly build is now also available, more up-to-date than the version linked above.

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