Weekly Build for 28 July 2017

I’ve just uploaded this week’s Windows build which can be downloaded here. Changes from last week include improvements to the spotting system and enemy AI, a new system for selecting and placing enemy units on the map, and a few additional unit types on the Polish side. These include a pair of 75mm guns that will cut right through your tank’s armour, so we wary of them!

There continues to be a troublesome bug where enemy units, usually on a higher elevation, are able to see the player even though the player cannot see them. I think it has to do with how Line of Sight is calculated over different terrain heights, and it is not an intended feature of the game. My intent is that Line of Sight is always reciprocal, so that if another unit can see you, you can see them, although you might not be able to spot precisely what kind of unit it is, or whether or not it’s a ‘dummy’ unit (a false report). I’ll keep working on the LoS calculations, but for now don’t be surprised if a shot comes out of nowhere. It does seem limited to when the attacker is on a higher elevation, so perhaps stay to the hills if possible.

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