Weekly Build for 4 August 2017

I’ve just uploaded this week’s Windows build to the usual download location. A list of changes follows below:

  • firepower and AP hits are now resolved at the start of a unit’s activation, giving attackers a chance to pool their attacks on targets
  • changed layout of unit info screen, including that used for player unit
  • added a basic unit info window, opened by right-clicking on a map hex in the viewport
    • if there is more than one unit in the hex, player can cycle through viewing them
  • added an additional damage roll after a penetrating hit on an armoured unit or gun;
    Minor Damage results not implemented yet
  • rolling for an additional move only grants further move actions, does not trigger an entire extra activation for the unit; missed turns continue to operate as before
  • reorganized the left display panel, giving more space to command and hex info consoles
  • disabled spawning the Polish 75mm AA gun since it has to be limited to HE rounds, and this is not yet possible in the game engine
  • immobilized result implemented: player tank and enemy vehicles can no longer move if so affected
  • changed appearance of hex highlight animation, is now tied to a particular unit in that hex
  • re-enabled scenario summary screen displayed at start of new scenario
  • units are now highlighted when resolving AP hit(s) on them
  • added modifier for gun attacks: -1 if rotated on a turntable before firing, -3 if crew had
    to pivot entire gun to fire
  • added AI step so that guns might pivot to face a target without firing, in preparation to
    possibly fire next activation
  • slight change to how dummy units are spawned, meaning they won’t be clustered together but rather spread out among different squadrons / platoons
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