New Weekly Build

A new weekly build is available from the usual download location. The biggest change from last week is the addition of machine guns and Firepower attacks. These will not (yet) harm an armoured target, but are effective against infantry. Infantry are also armed with anti-tank rifles which have a small but significant chance of penetrating your tank. Each individual crewman or personnel within a unit now has his own morale value, the average of which is used to calculate an overall morale rating for the unit. When non-armoured units are hit by FP attacks, they may be forced to test against their morale to avoid being Pinned. Additional possible effects, including Breaking and Reduction, are planned.

A number of minor bugs and crashes have also been fixed, but there’s still much to be done. The result display for resolving FP attacks on a target in particular is not yet very clear in how it presents the information.

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