New Weekly Build

I’ve just updated the weekly build, downloadable from the usual location. I have tested it on Windows 10 and it works. That’s not to say there won’t be other bugs and crashes, but at least Win10 players can progress past the main menu now. Changelog follows:

0.1.0-2018-03-03 Changelog

– Added a fix for the crash on Windows 10, it’s a temporary fix but should work for now
– Area Fire (MG) attacks now more likely to have an effect, and different levels of effects
are possible: partial, full, and critical
– Area Fire attacks now include negative modifiers for firing at a target in higher elevation,
and for vehicle size class if they target is Known
– Changed the style of the hex highlight when pop-up message is displayed, and also had the message switch to the bottom of the viewport if it would otherwise cover up the highlighted hex
– Fixed a few display bugs
– Changed the penalty for chance of additional extra moves beyond the first
– Added the option to switch to a half-size font, making the game window smaller
– Started to add crew statuses; no effect yet
– Added possibility of Rate of Fire for player; if the weapon is a Gun, there must be a
Loader on Reload action
– Added arrow keys as alternates for WASD

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