New Weekly Build

Version 0.1.0-2018-03-10 is now avaialble for download from the usual location. Changes are as follows:

– HE ammo type has been added to guns, also ammo tracking
– Minor changes to interface
– Additional enemy units added: tankettes and armoured cars
– Major fix to a crash when resolving FP on infantry units
– Infantry and guns can now see 6 hexes away
– Added a check for units to regain concealment (unknown status) at the start of their turn
– Objectives will no longer be placed adjacent to a map edge
– Added a rarity rating for enemy units, rare units will be selected less frequently for enemy spawns
– Added alt+arrow keys for selecting crewman and changing action in Crew Action phase
– Critical hits with HE on infantry and guns now apply 2x effective firepower
– MG attacks within 2 hexes have a chance to penetrate armour
– Slightly reduced bonuses for firing at an acquired target

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