New Weekly Build 2018-03-17

A new weekly build has just been uploaded to the usual download location. As usual there will be bugs and crashes so please do email me at armouredcommander [at] if you discover any of these.

With this version I’ve added all the core elements of the “scenario” stratum of the game. There’s clearly much more that could be done but with this part working I’m going to start work on the “campaign day” map and interface, which will see your tank moving across a battlefield and possibly triggering an encounter on the scenario map. I’ve held off on some key parts of the game, including crew injuries and skills, until this is complete. I’ve started a sketch of the campaign day map in REXPaint:

In contrast to ArmCom1, where the campaign day map was made up of polygon areas, ArmCom2 will have a hex map with each hex representing an approximately 2.7 km-wide area of terrain. Each hex in the campaign day map represents an entire scenario map (hence the different hex orientation). The depiction of the enemy- and friendly-held areas will be better than that in the sketch – I think a frontline makes more sense than marking each hex individually.

Finally, brief changelog for this week’s build:

Changelog for 2018-03-17

– New menu system and turn structure: phases are gone, crewmen are automatically assigned actions when the player acts
– Added four additional keyboard mapping options
– If any turret weapon has already fired this turn, turret rotation is not allowed until next activation
– Weapon mount now displayed in context console display (upper left corner of map viewport)
– Activation order for enemy units now randomized at start of scenario
– Added additional displays and functions for stacks of units in the same hex
– Use mouse wheel to cycle top unit in stack
– Road generation will now avoid hills more often
– Small improvement in display of possible results when rolling for FP resolution effect
– Set up a proper system to avoid repeated keyboard inputs – old one would often miss inputs
– Key to proceed with attack resolution now C on QWERTY keyboards – avoids ending player activation by mistake
– Minor changes and bugfixes


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