Recent Progress

No weekly build again this week – adding in the campaign day inferface has meant that the game has been pretty much unplayble for a while until everything gets re-integrated again. I’ve been fairly successful so far, however, in getting the campaign layer to work properly. It’s now possible to:

  • select one of two campaigns set in Poland in 1939
  • select your tank from a list of availible models
  • select a randomly generated commander name or enter your own
  • move around the campaign day map (pictured at top)
  • have a battle encounter randomly trigger upon moving into an enemy-held area
  • battle scenarios generate a number of enemy units based on enemy strength in that area and on their historical rarity (Polish enemies for German players and vice-versa)
  • when you win a scenario, you gain control of that area and return to the campaign day map
  • at any point, on either the campaign layer or the scenario layer, you can save, quit, and resume your game

Still missing are a way to end the combat day (right now the clock will advance indefinitely), a means of calculating total Victory Points earned during the day, and a means of requesting resupply to replace expended main gun shells. So again, not yet playable, but getting very close to that point.

Of course after that there’s still much to do. The empty areas on the campaign day interface pictured above will eventually show information about map areas, a list of current missions assigned to you by command, and a contextual menu screen that can show information about crew, your allies, and so on.

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