Weekly Build – Alpha 1 Release Candidate 1

This week’s weekly build is a little different, it’s an initial attempt to put together something that is, while still far from complete, playable enough to be called an Alpha. Download it here from the usual location. There is still a long way to go, but I hope that fans of the original Armoured Commander and new fans of ArmCom2 will be willing to give this one a try. Lots of changes from the previous week, hopefully most are lsited below:

– Improved movement display in contextual console
– Changed pin test mechanics; now possible on every FP resolution roll
– Increased base chance of battle encounter when entering enemy-held zone
– Fixed a crash when resolving an MG hit on armoured target, fixed procedure for AP MG hits
– Enabling sounds will now init the sound mixer and load samples if required
– Fixed: To-hit indicator being displayed on wrong side of hit/miss band
– Fixed: Player Line of Sight being displayed at wrong times
– Fixed: Mousewheel up not cycling units in a hex stack properly
– Added allied tanks to player’s squadron, generated at start of campaign day
– If an allied tank is destroyed in a battle, its slot won’t be available for remainder of day
– Improved mouseover info on units
– Nation definitions are now stored in the session object
– Player-allied units in their unit group now move automatically with the player unit
– Removed personnel stats and unit morale levels, will use personnel traits in the future
– Changed FP resolution to a hidden roll, modified result chance calculations
– Added Broken result to FP resolution: unit cannot act at all until it recovers
– Removed invisible player luck points
– Slightly increased the effect of armour level on penetration chance
– Updated version number tracking and check of saved game version
– Changed a number of minor game settings
– Added a progress bar to the campaign day screen indicating how much of the combat day remains

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