Weekly Build 2018-04-28

Lots of additions and fixes in this week’s build, including new units, some fixes for crashes, and some minor balance changes. Download here. Changelog follows:

– Combined many instances of mouse and keyboard event polling into a single function
– Added “Direct Gunner” action for Commanders, gives a bonus to hit, but not allowed for Commander/Gunner positions, the tank must have a dedicated Commander position like in the 7TP
– Added a better description to “Direct Driver” action
– If a Commander benefits from their Direct Driver or Direct Gunner bonus during an activation, they cannot change actions until their next activation
– Added to-hit modifiers for short- and long-barreled guns at 3+ hex ranges
– Added right-click command to display info on unit at top of hex stack in scenario
– Added bonus to Hull Down chance if commander is on Direct Driver action
– If target is at a higher elevation than attacker, more likely that location hit will be hull rather than turret/superstructure
– Bonus move chance now capped at maximum 97%
– Objectives on the scenario map hav e been reworked: now only the centre hex in a map is an objective,and if the player holds it for a set amount of time they gain control of the area even if thereremain active enemy units on the map
– Fixed player LoS depiction, now hidden while attacking
– Fixed a bug where attack and penetration rolls were being re-rolled by mistake, potentially with an incorrect modifier applied
– Fixed bug where keyboard input during enemy turn would be stored and later executed; keyboard input is now flushed at start of player activation
– Fixed a crash related to Riflemen weapons not being recognized by attack calculator
– Reduced number of tanks in player battlegroup
– Added a screen update after AI units pivot or rotate turret as part of an attack
– Changed enemy unit spotted message slightly when a crewman in an allied unit did the spotting
– Added movement sounds for wheeled vehicles
– Reduced base bonus move chances slightly for all types of terrain
– Reduced base to-hit chances slightly for point fire
– If a unit is destroyed and it had been selected as the player target, the player target is now cleared
– Added an input event flush to the Wait function, should avoid the Windows spinning wheel of death again
– Changed from a “hatch open / hatch closed” system to a “Crew Exposed / Button Up” one
– If a position has no hatch, crew can only be BU
– For some weapons, crew must be CE to fire (eg. the MG on the PSW 221)
– For some very exposed open-topped vehicles, crew can only ever be CE
– Changed some code so that vehicles can have “turret”-mounted weapons without a rotatable turret, such as the Kfz 13
– Added new units:
– Polish Renault FT (37mm)
– German Kfz 13 Armoured car
– German PSW 221 Armoured car

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