Development Build 2018-05-12

A new development build of Armoured Commander II has just been uploaded. This version builds upon Alpha 1, adding new features to the campaign day map and a few new bug fixes as well. Full changelog follows:

Changelog for 2018-05-12

– ADD: message log for the campaign day and a simple log display in the game menu
– ADD: terrain score for each scenario map hex, used to help the AI player
– ADD: terrain types for zones on the campaign day map; and this determines the type of terrain that will be generated on the scenario map
– ADD: railroads to scenario maps, no depiction on campaign day map yet
– ADD: bonus to hull down chance if railroad in hex
– ADD: very brief briefing for the start of the combat day
– ADD: sound effect for vehicle armour save
– ADD: new unit: German PSW 231(6 rad) Armoured Car
– CNG: Guns and Infantry units will now be spawned in more strategic locations at the start of the scenario
– CNG: continue key for attack displays to Tab
– CNG: roll indicator to percentage display for attack rolls
– FIX: vehicle destroyed sound was not playing until after the message display
– FIX: vehicles without turrets suddenly had them
– FIX: moving or pivoting now clears any acquired target immediately rather than at end of activation
– FIX: center objective hex will no longer have a pond generated in it

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