New Development Build – Air and Artillery Support

I’ve just uploaded a new development build. It’s dated June 9th since I finished it a little earlier than anticipated! The biggest change is the addition of air and artillery support options. For now, Germany has air support only and Poland has artillery support only, but eventually each will have at least some of each in their campaigns. The systems are also both very rudimentary for now, with further complexity planned for the future.

I have tested both but there’s always the possibility that either will interact with something else in an unexpected way, so if you do encounter any bugs or crashes please do report them at armouredcommander [at] gmail [dot] com. Changelog follows:

Changelog for Version 2018-06-09

ADD: Air support for German campaign, artillery support for Polish campaign
ADD: Crew skill levels, for now only the Commander skill level has any effect on gameplay
ADD: Hex zone info display when mouse cursor is over a hex in the campaign day map
ADD: Brief pop-up message when firepower is being resolved on a known unit on the viewport, showing chances of pin test, break, and destroyed results
ADD: New unit: German PSW 231 (8 rad) Armoured Car
CNG: Direct Gunner action is now Direct Fire, affects all fire attacks from tank
CNG: Dirt roads are now generated on scenario map based on road connections on the campaign day map
CNG: Player now spawns along the correct scenario map edge based on direction of travel on campaign day map
CNG: Infantry that moved and are in open ground now subject to a substantial modifier when hit by Area Fire
CNG: Display of firepower attack critical, partial, and full effects
FIX: Certain key commands that don’t change based on keyboard layout were being improperly decoded
FIX: Player tank not being correctly marked as destroyed
FIX: TK3 and TKS now have turret-mounted weapons but the turret is not rotatable
FIX: Player target Line of Sight was not being drawn properly if player pivoted or if target was not top of stack

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