New Build Available

It’s been some time but I have finally put together a new build of ArmCom 2 with new features and fixes. Download here as usual. The biggest change is that your crew is now vulnerable to enemy fire attacks, and can be injured and/or stunned, etc. as a result. The source script (available from GitHub) does not appear to work in Linux – perhaps because I switched to Python 3? Not sure – will investigate. Full changelog follows:

Changelog for 2018-09-29

ADD: AI units will now use small-arms attacks against unarmoured vehicles, or armoured vehicles with exposed crew
ADD: Random scenario events
ADD: Rifle fire sound effect
ADD: Command to abandon tank
ADD: Dead crewmen will be replaced after a scenario ends
ADD: Sniper attack resolution
CNG: Crew info display is now more compact, displays surname only
CNG: Elevation levels now represent 5 meters of elevation, more variation in hills generated
CNG: Enemy strength and organization levels in map zones, encounter odds and chances of number of enemy units spawned
CNG: Unit personnel now have three traits, which affect spotting and some crew skills
CNG: Message pop-up now works in any game mode, messages normally added to campaign day log as well
CNG: Units now automatically move to the top of their hex stack when spotted
CNG: Crewmen can only change Buttoned Up / Crew Exposed status if they are able to act
CNG: Crewmen who change status to Stunned, Critical, or Dead are automatically set to Buttoned Up
FIX: Handling of the Turret MG weapon type for the TK-3
FIX: Crash when HD directional arrow was being displayed
FIX: Display of to-hit / penetrate odds now overwrites previous displayed percentage properly
FIX: Campaign day log display was crashing when displaying special characters (eg. in crew names)
FIX: Erasing the saved game was not working, fixed now

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