Alpha 3 Release

Very pleased to announce that Alpha 3 of Armoured Commander II is now available for download. This will be the last update for a while as I face a deadline at work, but so far it seems to be mainly stable and crash-free.

Linux: Download the Python script from GitHub
Download Alpha 3 for Windows

Update: Forgot to add the changelog! It’s a doozy:

0.3.0 Changelog

FIX: Numerous minor bug fixes
CNG: Altered text alignment and background of pop-up messages, also no longer darkens screen
CNG: Campaigns are now sorted by start date in campaign selection menu
ADD: Soviet nation, campaign, and player tanks
ADD: Non-combat truck units to both German and Polish orders of battle
ADD: Start of Commander and Crew menus
ADD: Keyboard options plus a space for custom keymapping in keyboard_mapping.json
ADD: Player crew wounds and status changes
ADD: Options menu to in-game menu tab
ADD: 76.2mm obr. 00/02P gun for Soviet artillery support

Campaign Day Layer:
FIX: Bug with hidden encounter modifier
ADD: Support menu, procedure to request air or artillery support to an adjacent hex
ADD: Description of campaign day, displayed during morning briefing
ADD: Dead crew will be replaced after a scenario finishes
CNG: Pop-up messages display closer to centre of screen in this layer
CNG: Combined directional commands into a new, single menu console
CNG: Standardized use of action key colour for key command display
CNG: Hidden roll against enemy strength level for whether entering an enemy-held zone triggers a scenario
ADD: Hidden modifier, increasing chance of encountering resistance each time a zone is captured without resistance

Scenario Layer:
FIX: Unarmoured vehicles can now be destroyed by fp attacks (MG, HE, etc.)
FIX: Player Hull Down direction now rotates properly when player pivots
FIX: Dead or unconscious crewmen can no longer open/close their hatch
ADD: Commander command to request an air or artillery support attack
ADD: Crew Action phase in which the Commander can select a support attack target hex
ADD: Resolution of air or artillery support attack at start of Allied Action phase
ADD: Generation and display of terrain for units on scenario map
ADD: New terrain generated for units after movement on the map, also player squad after unsuccesful move
ADD: To-hit modifiers for targets depending on their terrain
ADD: Movement chances for player unit modified by current terrain
ADD: Hull Down checks and effects for vehicle units
ADD: Attempt Hull Down action for player in movement phase
ADD: Enemy units can do choose to do harrassing fire on player if they have 1+ exposed crewmen
ADD: Scenario will end if all player crew are killed
ADD: Scenario will end if end of campaign day has been reached
CNG: Player movement will no longer shift enemy units off the map
CNG: Enemy units that do a move action taking them off the visble map are now removed from play
CNG: Less likely that enemy units will do a move action that takes them off the map
CNG: AI now has a separate disposition for attacking the player unit
CNG: Size of player squad now based on tank class (Tankette, Light, Medium)
CNG: AI units trying to move now also do hidden movement rolls
CNG: Target now moved to top of hex stack when attacked by an AI unit
CNG: Crew modifiers for actions are now affected by BU/CE status, as well as whether crewman is Stunned

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