Alpha 4 Release

After fixing a few bugs in the release candidate, I’m happy to present Armoured Commander II Alpha 4 for your downloading pleasure. Changelog follows:

0.4.0 Changelog

CNG: Game no longer loads all sound effects at start, instead each is loaded just before it is played
CNG: Crew positions with no hatch are now displayed as — rather than BU
ADD: Can set crew nicknames, but once set cannot be changed
ADD: Tank/AFV tab to main game menu, shows current ammo stores for main gun
FIX: Minor bugfixes, mainly relating to properly updating display consoles

Campaign Day Layer:
ADD: Random events may be triggered after each player action in this layer
ADD: Ammo load/unload menu for player tank: player must load ammo at start of day and can load/unload HE and/or AP ammo when being resupplied
ADD: 1-3 Fate Points for player unit per day: each will silently turn one high-calibre AP hit into a miss, or one low-calibre hit into an armour save
ADD: Additional details in morning briefing
ADD: Weather Conditions
ADD: Display of weather info in Campaign Day interface
ADD: Weather generation at start of day
ADD: Conditions will change randomly throughout the day
ADD: Overcast cloud cover prevents air support from being requested
ADD: Muddy ground increases travel time between zones

Scenario Layer:
ADD: Bail-out procedure for when player tank is destroyed
ADD: Right-click on a friendly or spotted enemy unit for additional info
ADD: Successful player unit armour saves may still cause crew to be Stunned
ADD: Abandon Tank command, unlocked when 1+ crewmen are critical or dead
ADD: Weather conditions
ADD: Rain and Heavy Rain make spotting more difficult, especially at longer ranges
ADD: Rain and Heavy Rain apply a negative to-hit modifier for Direct Fire
ADD: Muddy ground reduces chances of player move success
ADD: Muddy ground makes HE less effective against infantry and guns
CNG: Support attacks are now resolved automatically at the start of a scenario
CNG: Player shooting phase now skipped if no crewman on an appropriate command
CNG: Less likely that enemy units will spawn behind the player
CNG: Changed AI slightly so that AP attacks are more likely on armoured targets than HE
FIX: Player gun hits for the day now recorded properly

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