Alpha 5

Alpha 5 of Armoured Commander II is now available to download. Many small improvements and fixes in this version, including the start of the campaign calendar layer, which will eventually allow for multiple days of gameplay in a campaign. Note that I’ve only just started adding French units to the game, they are not playable yet. Changelog follows:

0.5.0 Changelog

FIX: Main menu theme now starts and stops when sounds are enabled/disabled in options menu
ADD: French nation definitions
ADD: H35 Tank to French units
ADD: Events now logged to a single game log, timestamped and organized by calendar day
ADD: Log tab to game menu
ADD: HMG Team to Polish AI units
ADD: Buessing-NAG Truck to German AI units
ADD: Armoured Train to Polish AI units
ADD: Display of injury (if any) on personnel display
CNG: Player squad no longer refilled after each scenario, instead losses are not replaced until a random event on the campaign day layer brings reinforcements
CNG: Minor visual changes to main menu
CNG: Player records (gun hits, vehicles destroyed, etc.) now stored separately for the current combat day and for the campaign as a whole

Campaign Calendar Layer:
FIX: Change in ground conditions now properly updates the weather conditions display
ADD: Layer interface, will eventually allow player to play through multiple combat days in sequence

Campaign Day Layer:
FIX: Small change to objective hex highlight display so that it doesn’t overlap line of control display
ADD: Day mission types: Advance, Battle, Fighting Withdrawl
ADD: Different map control layouts based on day mission
ADD: VP reward and message when player captures an objective hex
ADD: Animation console with rain animation effect, displays when precipitation is Rain or Heavy Rain
ADD: Additional menu tabs in command menu
ADD: Dirt roads connecting map hexes
ADD: Wait command – no move but 15 minutes pass
ADD: Player actions can trigger a zone capture check, which may result in a friendly zone being lost, or an enemy zone being taken by allied forces
CNG: Zone capture/loss check now separate from Random Events check
CNG: Increased time between weather change checks

Scenario Layer:
ADD: Random event roll after end of enemy action
ADD: Random events: sniper attack, air and artillery attack, enemy reinforcement, enemy unit recalled
ADD: Enemy reinforcement less likely to re-occur after first time in a scenario
ADD: Flag for AI units being recalled from the battle
ADD: Animation console with rain animation effect, displays when precipitation is Rain or Heavy Rain
ADD: Support attack, gun fire, explosions, and small arms attack animations implemented in new layer
ADD: Smoke levels for units: generated at spawn, changes upon move, dissipates over time; affects air attacks, spotting, to-hit attacks, and area fire
CNG: Small change to how AP hits are processed
FIX: Crew in turret now have their visible hexes rotated properly if turret is rotated
FIX: Air attack will be aborted if cloud cover is now overcast
FIX: Hull Down status in player unit info console now updated properly after player move or pivot

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