Alpha 6

Armoured Commander II Alpha 6 is now available to download. Lots of bug fixes and improvements in this version, change log follows:

0.6.0 Changelog

ADD: Fast turret traverse, currently only Panzer III and IV: lower penalty for changing turret facing before firing
ADD: Decoration can be awarded at end of campaign based on total VP (single day for now)
CNG: Reduced volume of main theme music

Campaign Calendar Layer:
FIX: Day summary now hidden after day has ended

Campaign Day Layer:
CNG: Support requests removed, moved to Scenario layer
CNG: Road generation procedure improved, village hexes linked to main road
CNG: Slightly changed the Battle day mission set-up
CNG: Zone capture odds
CNG: In Fighting Withdrawl mission, more likely that player’s location will be attacked
ADD: Defend map zone objectives in Battle and Fighting Withdrawl day missions
ADD: Sound effects for adding/removing ammo
ADD: Confirmation step to ‘Wait’ action
FIX: Bug where player could still capture a zone if they abandoned their tank
FIX: Road movement bonus not being applied correctly

Scenario Layer:
ADD: AP bonus if rear armour facing was hit
ADD: Linked hatches on player unit are now opened/closed as a group
ADD: Support attacks now requested in scenario layer via commander
ADD: Breakdown possible for vehicles when moving or attempting HD, cancels a successful move roll
ADD: Effects of unreliable stat: breakdown more likely
ADD: Effects of gun shield on incoming fp attacks
ADD: To-hit effect of Commander directing fire, driver Knowledge bonus to movement chance
CNG: Support attacks take time to arrive, but will continue every turn until no more target units are in target hex
CNG: Support attacks only target one hex, which moves/rotates if player moves/rotates, is highlighted on GUI
CNG: Support attacks automatically end at end of attack if all targets in hex were destroyed
CNG: Acquired Targets now stored by weapon rather than by unit
CNG: If turret rotates and a weapon on the turret fires, all weapons on the turret lose any acquired target
FIX: Bug where attack animation could overlap attacking unit’s depiction
FIX: Missing definitions for Marsh terrain
FIX: Support attacks not being delayed properly
FIX: Bug where support attack target was not being displayed properly when player pivoted
FIX: Updating context console after a player RoF attack
FIX: Enemy gun units will no longer be recalled – no way for them to move at the moment

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