Alpha 7

Armoured Commander II Alpha 7 is now available to download. I had some trouble with the recent development builds since some required files were missing, so if you tried one and it crashed to desktop, do please give Alpha 7 a try. Changelog follows:

ArmCom2 Alpha 7 Changelog


ADD: New crewman menu, accessible from multiple layers
ADD: Crewman now start with 2 free advances if commander, 1 if in another position
ADD: Initial crew skill definitions in a JSON file
ADD: Crew advance menu: can spend advance points to increase stats or add new skills
ADD: Command to select and start a random campaign from list
ADD: Log export at end of campaign
CNG: In-game menu now simplified and reorganized for clarity
CNG: Crew stats now start at 1 and two randomly selected stats are increased to 3
CNG: Lengthened combat days for all campaigns
FIX: Bug where list of unit weapons would extend outside of limited area
FIX: Bug in Soviet campaign where support level for campaign day was not set properly

Campaign Calendar

ADD: Menu to view list of crew positions and open crewman menu for any filled position
ADD: Set nickname command in crew menu tab
ADD: Title and instructions in Command Menu
CNG: Crew menu tab display reorganized, combined with tank info
FIX: Rare bug where map generator would try to add a road link to a non-existant map hex

Campaign Day

ADD: Total number of battles during the day now recorded
ADD: Crew list in crew menu tab
ADD: Option to spend 15 minutes requesting additional air/artillery support
ADD: If player tank was immobilized during a scenario, the campaign day ends
ADD: Dead or seriously wounded crew now replaced after a scenario, even if campaign day has ended
ADD: Traveling to front lines at start of day takes a random amount of time
CNG: Resized and reorganized direction control and command display consoles
CNG: Player squad now brought back to full strength after every scenario, removed from random events
CNG: Increased base travel time to 20 minutes, 15 minutes if by dirt road
FIX: Bug where increase of support level random event would increase level beyond initial value
FIX: Campaign name not being wrapped in the campaign day summary window
FIX: Very minor bug in greeble generation, may improve performance slightly


ADD: Crew skill effects
ADD: Current target name to weapon information in contextual console
ADD: Message when firepower effects are resolved on a non-vehicle unit
ADD: Fatigue level for non-vehicle units, increases when subject to firepower and make future destruction more likely
ADD: Penetration of player tank has different possible outcomes: minor damage, tank immobilized, spalling, or destroyed
ADD: Crew can abandon tank if it is immobilized
ADD: Open crewman menu command in Command Phase
CNG: Player crew actions now reset to “spot” at start of new scenario
CNG: How weapon operation commands are assigned to crewmen
CNG: Resized unit info console
CNG: Integrated directional display into Movement tab in command console
FIX: Added additional console flushes to avoid spinning wheel of death during automatic events
FIX: Crash when trying to initiate player bail-out, also buggy display of bail out procedure

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